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Waxman Brothers X Kate&You


Hi everyone!

Is your wardrobe ready for A/W yet?
Today, we present you a colourful and powerful brand
that can upgrade your look for coming seasons.

Discover Waxman Brothers with Kate&You 😉

You might not have heard of this brand yet as it's young brand created in 2014,
but once you look at their items you'll be attracted to the combination of colours and patterns.
It's a brand to keep your eye on, surely many fashionistas will start
talking about this dynamic brand soon and you will see why...

Truly Dynamic

Waxman Brothers is a brand created in 2014 by two Italian friends living in Paris, Valerio Ruberto and Nicolo’ Talignani. This two Italian guys developed the brand in 18th arrondissement of Paris where we can find various African cultures, and this is the source of their inspirations for the Waxman Brothers' items with miraculous combination of colours and patterns.

Quality then quality...

What distinguish this brand from others is not only the creativity but also the quality.

It's in Italy that all the inspirations from African culture in Paris are realised. They work only with the factories who have high standard for quality and ethics. Their limited editions shirts are absolutely EXCLUSIVE. They are hand manufactured by an experienced Italian tailor. The tailor's savoir faire spreads to all the details of the shirts and completes the masterpiece.

Your Autumn & Winter fashion saver!

During Autumn and Winter, people tend to go for less colourful, dark-tone look with black, khaki, grey, beige...
it's nice but...every year, at one moment, you fed up with wearing these everyday, don't you?

If you agree, I assure you the Waxman Brothers shirts will help you to solve this problem!

With Classic Jackets

I assume all of you have at least one black blazers in your wardrobe.
It's a very basic item but once you dress it with
Waxman Brothers' colourful pattern shirts,
instantly you found a fashionista on your mirror.

With Casual Jackets

If you fancy more casual styles, get your leather jackets, bomber jackets or even parkas.

Result: Stylish Casual with Originality.

What is interesting about their lively shirts is that they give your style an originality just by adding them to your outfits. No effort and you get comfort and compliments. Shall we call their shirts “Must-have item”?

One last remark, this brand will reminds you why you love fashion.
Because you want to look nice? Is it a way to express yourself?

Either way, you’ll love this brand and the items.
They have stunning outside with colours and patterns, but also the inside is rich with its story and Italian savoir faire.


Currently they have one physical shop in Milan, Italy, but their items are available worldwide online ...and on Kate&You as soon as we launch our service!

Waxman Brothers

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