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Collaboration! Two Rules of the Men’s Fashion

Hello guys!

It's a collaboration article about Men's Fashion today!
We suggest you interesting blog articles from around the world to share fashion inspirations^^

For the first collaboration, we share article "Two Rules of Men's Fashion" from The Rules of Men's Fashion by Shun!

Fashion enriches people's everyday life

Shun offers information about Men's fashion on his blog, Men's Fashion no Okite (The Rules of Mens's Fashion). His explanation is simple and even beginners can be easily understood. This is why he got more than 20k page views in a month. 

Don't hesitate to go his blog to check more articles 😉

The weather is getting warmer and warmer these days,
and you may be thinking to try new look to be more stylish?

He tells us that there are only two rules to change and make your outfit much better. Don't miss his secrets...!!

Two Rules of Men's Fashion

It’s me, Shun.

On my blog, I share information about Men’s fashion in simple way based on “Two Rules on Men’s Fashion” which guide you to be even more fashionable.

Even if you’re a master of fashion, you can keep the two in your mind.

There're lots of them, but I think everything can be summarised in two principal rules.
The two rules are:

Rule 1: Monochrome colours + One Colour
Rule 2: Balance between Dressy and Casual

I explain about these two rules today.
As they’re very essential points, please keep them in your mind.

Rule 1: Monochrome colours + One Colour

We can divide colours in two big categories.

Monochrome colours, such as black, white and grey and then other colours including red, bleu, yellow and green.

For Men's fashion, you can coordinate stylish outfits by adding only one colour and leave the rest in monochrome colours.

This is the first rule for Men's fashion: Monochrome colours + One Colour

Let me show you an example which completely ignored this rule to see the result.

I don't say this outfit goes out of fashion, but do you believe that a fashion beginner make this outfit?

What I mean is that, this outfit is for advanced-level fashionistas.
If a person who’s at the beginner's level of fashion tries to follow this type of outfits, he’ll give it up immediately.

Then, how about this one?
He added only beige and left other items in monochrome colours.

It’s very stylish, isn’t it?

Don’t you feel you can try this one?
Yes, it's very easy to try. You can just go get a white T-shirt and black trousers, then you chose one colour to add.

You can even go for monochrome outfits without adding any other colour.
It looks absolutely stylish but actually everyone can try this method.

To sum up, “It’s too complicated for beginners to combine different colours, so why don’t you reduce the number of colours and make it simple?”

Additionally, I said one additional colour, but you can be flexible with this point.
If your outfit is very simple you can add 2 or 3 colours, but remember that it’ll be harder to dress it well after.

This is basis of the Men’s fashion.
I assume that fashionistas like models, they mix many different colours because they’re fed up with this basis.


Btw, personally I really like colourful outfits like this for ladies...well.

Rule 2: Balance between Dressy and Casual

So, the other important rule: Balance between Dressy and Casual.

I heard your ”what does it mean?”.

Fashion items can be divided in two categories: Dressy items and Casual items not only by the colours and the design.

Dressy items are like items that you wear for a formal party or to the office, such as tailored jackets, shirts and nice leather shoes.

On the other hand, Casual items are items that you wear to go to grab something from the a shop around your home, such as hoodie, casual shirts and sandals.

For Men’s fashion, the balance between dressy and casual is crucial to coordinate your outfit.

If you wear only dressy items, it won't be suitable to hang out with your friends...and if you wear only casual items…

It might end up with a geek style. lol

Then what can we do not to end up like this?

If you want to set off a dressy tailored jacket, you can add a casual item like hoodie to keep the balance on your outfit.

This is how to make “Dressy and Casual outfit” which is one of the quite popular look.

The key to keep the balance is not to add too many casual items.

Basically the suitable ratio of dressy items and casual items is 8:2, it can be even 9:1 .

Remember to make the basis of your outfit with dressy items, and then add just a few casual items.


I was so enthusiastic to explain the two rules as they're very important points, hope you get something from this article.

Even if you have no idea about fashion, your outfits will be improved from tomorrow as long as you keep the two rules in your mind.

To tell the truth, Rule 1: Monochrome colours + One Colour  share same concept with Rule 2: Balance between Dressy and Casual basically.
When we think monochrome colour is dressy and additional colour is casual, it explains clearly.


Well, Balance between Dressy and Casual will be the only one “Rule of Men’s Fashion” ultimately.

How did you think about his article?

Personally, as his explanation was simple, it was very helpful and also practical.

With many photos, it was very visible what can be changed if you follow the rules 😀


The two rules can be applied for women,  I'll keep them in mind when I decide what to wear tomorrow!


If you liked his articles and want to read more, you can go to his blog (in Japanese) or leave a comment here 😉

Thank you so much Shun!


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